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Challenge: Fall Colors We Love

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  • a year
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TheSparkOne Community is happy to invite all SparkLand Users to join this collective and creative challenge. β€œThe Fall Colors We Love” love πŸ’• The Intent πŸ˜‡: - to express our discovery on fall colors - to share your authentic city story - to network with creatives regardless your day job All you need to do - super simple!!! πŸ˜€ CREATE and ADD a spark post into this hub What happens next: - be selected as 10 finalists as co-creators for a publishing album - all participants will be recognized and mentioned in social media and future album - gain sharing credit for selling the albums (Will not be a lot, will share the math later. ) Please also understand once you join: - you agree to use your own picture or short video for copyright concerns. - at any time before publishing, you have the right to request to remove, just @ us. Happy Spark! 😍πŸ’ͺ