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Shades of red

Autumn has freckles too!

  • A.Lubbers
  • a year
In Autumn I am a bit foxy... Not like a tipical ginger, cuz my hair just adapts per season, while freckles still play on my skin. I like to stick my nose into a forest. To wander around and be somehow camouflaged to make a tale. Yesterday we went for our first Autumn walk! I skipped an intention to continue writing my novel again (for a second day), cuz my partner and I went, just abroad, to walk in an area, appealing to other countries: In summer it could be Norway or Canada. At this moment, maybe even Greece will do. But it is Belgium: Lommel, our close neighbour (in a 10 minute drive). We watched several stunts on wakeboards, lay in heather, climbed coastlines, balanced on trees and found a freckled friend (in the picture). At the end a squirrel sat quietly on a branche to watch us leaving this magical place. Real Autumn has arrived!