Turn Your Sparks into Actions

1.0.10 Updates

April 15, 2020

  • TheSparkOne_Network
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Hi, community We are happy to deploy our 1.0.10 release. You will enjoy these new and enhanced product features. 1. way better in-app notification yes, we are improving notification messages so that you will be notified who engages your content and who connects with you. 2. auto detect links in spark and comments Now, when you typed the URL link. It would turn into a clickable link. 3. Profile Screen During the past, you have to swipe up in order to configure your profile details. We make it simple by simply clicking any background which will show detail screen for you to configure. That’s about it so far. We are working next batch of features for you to collaborate on challenges easily. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to write your spark.