Turn Your Sparks into Actions

Why - Individuals

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  • 4 months
What is your spark? This is the question that inspire us to begin this journey in 2018. What’s your spark in 2020? Everyone Has Spark!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Spark is the moment that you imagined a better future. You can explore and develop your spark to achieve a big goal. For students... Their spark is to learn topics and practice skills. For creators... Their spark is to express their creativity. For innovators... Their spark is to come up a solution or product. For founders... Their spark is to follow their passion and launch business. TheSparkOne is built for sparkers who value their spark moments and turn their spark into actions. We build this tool to help individuals or firms: 1. Tell spark story 2. Learn and build together 3. Discover and connect like-minded people 4. Interact with enthusiasts, coaches and pros 5. Participate future trust and economic opportunity TheSparkOne re-imagines future of creation.