Turn Your Sparks into Actions

2.0.2 Updates

October 25, 2020

  • TheSparkOne_Network
  • a year
This is a bug fixes and enhancement release. You can re-download or update it from your favorite App Store now. 🎉 👉 Enhancements 1. Fix @mention issues Now, in invite-member, comment, and inside-post, you can use @mention to notify a message to others. Pls, do not abuse to use it. :) 2. Change Hub Creation Flow We re-assessed our create-hub flow and changed to align our new website message. Now, you need to specify a purpose first, and then an audience category to launch it as offline first. 3. Add Back Help-Tag for Spark Post In order to foster conversation, we are adding 1 tag category called “help tag” back. Now, you can create a public post and specify a help tag. This looks similar to hub purpose, the idea is to let viewers know which collaboration help you might need. This makes viewers to engage with you better. 4. Hub Member List Clickable Now hub member profile is clickable now. 5. Add “Leave Hub” If you are the member or player who joined other’s hub, now you can have this function of “leaving hub”. Yes, hub host will be notified about your leaving the hub. 6. Notification Enhancement This is a topic we need to keep improving. In this version, we have done: - remove notification for editing post event - add notification for a new post is added into hub - update message for accept-invite and no-thank actions. Thanks for keeping supporting us to make this product better. Cheers, TheSparkOne Team