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brakeless on a fixie

  • A.Lubbers
  • 4 months
Where we are on projects of recycling and circular design, we also reduce our carbon footprint while travelling. I have a fixie since 2013 and only practised backwards cycling, while I should train how to stop, different then only pushing backwards pressure. I do have a brake for emergencies, cuz it could be considered illegal to cycle without brakes here... They call the stopping technique: skids. So you push your pedals to stay in line on the horizon and then press on your front to lift your backwheel in the air (and repeat if necessary). Pressing on my pedals I just broke one, so instead of having brakes, I just have a break in the forest. * Do you take a repairkit on your trip? (what?) * Have you tried/seen a fixed gear bike before? * And what are your first experiences with skids? Like to hear from you! With a natural smile 🌳