Turn Your Sparks into Actions

2.0.0 Updates

July 15, 2020

  • TheSparkOne_Network
  • 2 years
Dear Members, We are happy to announce 2.0.0 available in App Store Now. ❤️ New - Purposeful Hub ❤️ You can create purposeful hub with any audience to pursue your objective one at a time. - fly solo: personal hub - fly together: player hub for collab or co-creation. - be human: member hub with external audience. Right now, you can invite existing platform users to join your hub or “go-live” to attract & on-board them from the community. Offline & Live Hub You always have a choice to make your hub remaining private offline or public live short term or long term. ❤️ New - Video Post ❤️ In this version, you can create memorable posts for text, video or image with 1 simple process. Today, this video feature is basic for 30-sec drip from your phone. There are some customization features people want, we’d love to hear from you! 👉 Enhancements 1. Welcome messages 2. Invite users to setup profile 3. Fix UI/UX issues Thanks, SparkLand Team