Turn Your Sparks into Actions

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  • 4 months
Today, every business needs to be a digital business. Your core processes, data, and products need to have digital transformation. But it didn’t stop there. And the most important thing… Your organization needs to think and run a digital organization. TheSparkOne is a social creation network for people to turn spark into actions. We help organizations to think and run like a digital organization by adopting these strategies: - Engagement is social now. - Ideas can come from anyone. - Accelerate innovation with self-driving teams and lean strategy. Imagine leaders and teams can be on this social creation network: - Tell spark story in an engaging way - Ask questions and share feedbacks across departments and functions - Allow mentors or advisors to setup hub to coach people - Allow teams to setup collaboration hub to build together You don’t have to connect dots through traditional management. You and your team are aligned 24/7. Implementing “turn spark into actions” as a culture will help your organization to achieve: - increase employee satisfaction - nurture digital maturity - synthesize ideas across departments quickly - improve performance on lean innovation TheSparkOne reimagines future of creation.